Rwenzori Alpine Safaris

We are the leading tour and travel expert that caters to the unique needs of tourists who are interested in exploring Uganda, Kenya and Rwanda. Through this experience and our knowledge of Uganda and other East African countries, we propose itineraries imagined around strong axes in mountain hiking, trekking safaris, Uganda wild life safaris, birding trips, cultural tours, camping and honeymoon trips with global knowledge for both tourist on short and long Visas. These circuits are completely customized and we are always pleased to adjust them according to your testes and expectations we take your East African trip an exceptional travel experience

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Eco Adventure

The combination of adventurous activity with environmentally responsible awareness. One thing each Eco-adventure has in common is the goal of appreciating and enjoying natural beauty with minimal physical impact to the area.

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Sustainable Travel

Finding a way that tourism can be maintained long-term without harming natural and cultural environments. Sustainable travel should minimize the negative impacts of tourism and ideally be beneficial to the area in which it takes place.

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Work With Locals

Customary ritual practices of hospitality remain a vital part of East African traditional societies. Rural groups of East African traditional societies provide drink, food, shelter and companionship for travelers and strangers and are willing to involve them in there day to day livelihood.

About Rwenzori Alpine Safaris

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